Warm welcome for new visitors to this blog.

This blog is not for money-making purposes and will not direct visitors to other blogs of mine that are for money-making purposes. I’d like to tell you how I started this page.

I live in Israel, and we have a wave of Sudanese refugees who crossed the boarder illegally, fleeing for their lives. Our government has decided to throw them in a closed jail for a year, and then in a so called ‘open’ jail, which isn’t so open…

Toddlers and babies are being thrown in both the closed and ‘open’ jail with their parents. I’ve heard about cases when small children were kept in closed prison cells without their parents. The government want them out. Some agree to go back to places where their lives are at risk because they can’t stand prison life anymore.

I thought this was the case only in my country, but then a colleague at work told me this is a worldwide problem. I searched this on the internet and found out he was right.

I’m not a refugee and don’t believe I’ll ever become one, but the horror stories on the TV, newspapers, and the internet bother me. I want to raise awareness for this problem, which not too many people talk about.

I’ve created many polls to see what people think about the way those people are being treated. Could be great if you took a few minutes to answer some of those polls as they are an indication of whether or not the public agrees with current policy. Thanks for viewing this page and hope you enjoy the blog.


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